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Thermo Magnum plus
Technical details
Cooker dimensions (HxWxD)(mm)850x950x600
Firebox dimensions (HxWxD)(mm)280x230x370
Oven dimensions (HxWxD)(mm)265x350x465
Nominal thermal power (kW)14 / 17
Efficiency (wood / brown coal)(%)89 / 85
Thermal power given to water (kW)9
Thermal power given to room (kW)7
Quantity of water in the boiler (l)11
Weight (kg)172 / 206*
Fume outletright / left / back / top
Fume outlet diameter (mm)150
Water connections 1(")
Recommended fuelwood, coal (brown coal)
Maximal operating pressure (bar)2
* weight with stone
This is the highest quality stove for central heating on the market. Its strength, design and price attract Serbia, Bosnia and countries in EU.....Make your home more beautiful and warmer with an absolute favorite in its class.
Designed for floor heating.